Are you soon due to retire / semi-retire and would like a new project?  Love gardening but find your garden too small to grow produce? Want to save money in the supermarkets and avoid pesticides by growing your own?


Renting an allotment can be incredible hard work and needs commitment to maintain, however the rewards are also great. Coleshill Town Council run an annual competition for our Allotment Holders and have a good relationship with them. We are members of the National Allotment Society

For any more information, contact Coleshill Town Council 01675 463326 or

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  • Karen snook

    I am the deputy manager of the care home next to the allotment and would be interested in renting a plot for some of our elderly residents to use.
    Could you please send me some details on how I would go about applying for a plot

    • Megan Davies

      Dear Karen
      I have emailed you directly with a response.

  • sara

    Hi I’m looking to rent an allotment space with you if any vacancies

  • David Swann

    I am moving into coleshill and I interested in renting an allotment. I am moving in adjacent to the allotments

    • Megan Davies

      Dear David

      I will email you directly

      Kind Regards

  • Nigel Smith

    Hi..I’m looking to rent an allotment. Would there be any plots available to rent please
    Nigel Smith

  • Richard harwood

    Hi megan

    Can you send me some info on the available allotments please. Thanks.


  • Joe Pike

    Hi Megan,

    I live in Marston Green and would be interested if there are any plots left in the near future?

    Kind Regards,

    • Megan Davies

      Dear Joseph
      I have messaged you directly with details
      Kind regards

  • Kieran

    Hi there I live in Marston Green and was wondering if you had any vacant allotment spots?
    Kind regards .

    • Megan Davies

      Dear Kieran
      I have messaged you directly
      Kind Regards

  • Johnny

    Please could you message me with details and vacancies, thank you

  • Julie Taylor

    Hi Megan, Are there any allotment spaces at Beggars Well Coleshill? Thanks

  • Claire noonan

    Hi I am interested in having an allotment plot, can you please tell me how I could get one?
    Thank you

  • Lisa Allison

    Good Morning
    I was wondering if there where any Allotments vacant for rent along Gilson way.

    Kind Regards
    Lisa Allison

  • Ian

    Good afternoon, please can you email me information on the Blythe Road allotments and is there a waiting list , vacancies and cost ,etc .
    Thank you

  • Steven moorby & Jen Giddings


    I live in Coleshill and I am interested with my partner in renting a allotment. Can you please let me know if you have any available.

    Thank you

  • Azad Ibrahim

    Hi dear
    I would like to register my name :Azad
    To hire one of your allotment places.
    Thank you

  • Claudia Lee

    Can you please send me some info as im really interested in renting allotment space in Coleshill

  • Steven moorby

    Hi Megan

    I am interested in getting an allotment in coleshill. Can you please send me some detail if you have plots available.


    S moorby

  • Megan Davies

    Can all allotment requests be directed to 01675463326 or until further notice. Please note comments on the website are not regularly checked/approved.

  • Matthew munslow

    Hi my names Matthew munslow and I’d be interested in renting allotment plot could I get some info please

    • Megan Davies

      Thank you for your enquiry. I’ve emailed you directly. Megan Davies

  • Abdul ghaffar

    Hi I am looking for an allotment

  • Chris

    Good afternoon Megan. Do you have availability at present. We are from Coleshill and interested.

  • Lita Allman

    Hi Megan,

    We are interested in having an allotment if there are any available.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon as possible .

    Many Thanks,
    Lita Allman

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