The following dates are available as opportunities for the public to engage in the consultation process.

Tuesday 16 November – public exhibition in the Old Courtroom run by WCC from 3pm – 8pm
Friday 19 November – public exhibition in the Old Courtroom run by WCC from 3pm – 8pm
Weds 24 November – Town Council Planning Committee. 7.00 pm

Scheme Overview. A Casualty Reduction and capacity improvement scheme which seeks to reduce personal injury accidents at the junction between High Street, Birmingham Road and Blythe Road within Coleshill and increase capacity by signalising the junction was approved for the Capital Programme in November 2019, to be implemented in 2022.

Enquiries and Representations

Any objections or representations in support of the proposals, which must be in writing and specify the grounds on which they are made, should be addressed to Ross Corben, Communities Group, PO Box 43, Shire Hall, Warwick, CV34 4SX. (Objections, representations, and the name of the objector or person making a representation, will normally be treated as public information and may be published. For further information on how Warwickshire County Council processes personal data please refer to the Customer Privacy Notice which is available at

Objections and representations must be sent so as to be received by 26 November 2021

Comments (2)

  • Stuart cawley

    Shambolic, so with these plans it is safer for me to head up the high street,and instead of making a simple left turn onto Blythe road towards shustoke .I should now head up the high street .negotiate a zebra crossing,turn left onto church hill and negotiate pedestrians and parked cars .and then make a right turn on an almost blind hill to head to my destination down Blythe road.
    It does not take a genius to work out that these plans will cause more accidents and potentially put many lives at risk .
    And the absolutely ridiculous, annoying and completely unfathomable thing is that the powers that be actually believe what is coming from there mouths is true and correct.
    This absolutely is beggars belief ,
    Where on earth do these so called planners .

    • Megan Davies

      Dear Stuart Cawley
      All comments need to be directed to Usman Saqib at Shire Hall, Warwickshire County Council. The deadline is Friday 10th December.
      Megan Davies

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