Join the Great British Spring Clean 2023

The Keep Britain Tidy campaign has a website for people to get involved in the Great British Spring Clean campaign:


Back for its eighth year, the Great British Spring Clean is the nation’s biggest mass-action environmental campaign.

The Great British Spring Clean and Great Big School Clean 2023 will take place from 17 March to 2 April, and you can pledge to pick up a bag of litter – or more.

You can choose to pledge;

Last year, the army of amazing #LitterHeroes pledged to pick nearly half a million bags of litter.

Pledge to Pick

This year we the focus is on the pride the #LitterHeroes have for their local community.

Research reveals that more than 8.5 million adults in the UK have done litter-picking at least once in the past six months. That’s a million more people than watched the end of Happy Valley!  Sadly, less than half of UK adults (43%) currently agree that they feel proud of their community.

The good news is that litter-picking is a simple action that anyone can do to make an immediate and visible difference to their area  – 85% of those who took part in last year’s Great British Spring Clean reported that taking part made them feel more pride in their local area. And 74% said it improved their mood too!

So, if you want to take action to protect the environment this spring and show more pride in where you live, join the Great British Spring Clean and pledge to pick up a bag – or more – today.

25 January 2023 meeting of Coleshill Town Council is to be held at the Community Centre

9 January 2023


Town Council meeting at the Community Centre 25 Jan 2023

Please note that the 25 January 2023 meeting of Coleshill Town Council is to be held at the Community Centre, Temple Way, starting at 7pm.

All meetings of the Town Council are open to the public and there is a 15-minute section of the agenda for any resident to bring up matters for consideration by the Town Council.  However, this meeting has been moved from the normal Town Hall room to be at the Community Centre for three main reasons:

  1. It is an opportunity for those living north of the Cole Bridge to engage with the Town Councillors, see how the various items are discussed openly in meetings, how the Council operates, its aims and challenges and to see if there are issues that you might want to see addressed.


  1. The budget for the next year Council year will run from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024, which will be largely after the May 2023 Council elections. This meeting will set that budget and discuss the precept (Council Tax) and other charges.


  1. The meeting will show off the building, both to elected members and the public. The building has just had a large series of investments: the floor surface in the Swan Room and corridor have been resurfaced, there have been improvements to the roofing and there are now additional sensor security lights.


If you have not been in the building lately, this will be a very good chance to see it.  The meeting will be in the Swan Room, but you will have the chance to also see the Mill Room and kitchen facilities on the night.

Colin Greatorex, Town Clerk