Caring volunteers launch Bereavement Group in Coleshill

Big-hearted Coleshill volunteers  have launched a monthly bereavement group to help anyone who is finding it hard to cope with the loss of a loved one. The group known as Snowdrops is an extension of the counselling service offered by the Mary Ann Evans Hospice in Nuneaton and meets on the second Thursday of the month at Coleshill United Church at 2, Coventry Road, Coleshill from 2 – 3.30pm. It is already proving a lifeline to people struggling with the trauma of bereavement, meeting in a cosy room at the rear of the church with tea, coffee and biscuits provided,
 “The death of a loved one can feel like the most painful event ever to happen to you.” explained one of the volunteers. “It can be very difficult to deal with and to express the feelings you go through, and we hope to provide a comfortable environment where people can express those feelings and talk about their loved one.
For Caroline Munday, the group has been invaluable in helping her to come to terms with her own loss, thanks to its welcoming atmosphere and the kindness she has experienced there.
“Snowdrops is a warm, friendly, trusting group,” she said. “To be part of it and to be able to talk about bereavement and your loved one, openly over a cup of tea, is wonderful. Everyone has lost someone and to share experiences and feelings helps. It also reassures you that you’re not going mad and that what you’re going through is ‘normal’ especially during the blackest days.
The volunteers are warm, friendly, genuine people. So if you need to let it out, please don’t hesitate, don’t be alone. Come to Snowdrops and you’ll find the understanding and support you need. It’s good to talk. It really helped me, letting my innermost thoughts out, believe me.”
Snowdrops meets on the second Thursday of the month at Coleshill United Church,
2, Coventry Road, Coleshill B46 3NU from 2 – 3.30pm and is open to anyone who would like comfort and support following a bereavement. There is a nominal £1 charge for the refreshments.
For more information, phone Snowdrops on:01675-464939
Caring volunteers launch Bereavement Group in Coleshill

Tame Valley Wetlands Community Gathering

We would like to invite your organisation to the Tame Valley Wetlands Community Gathering, on Saturday 25th March, at the Link in Water Orton.

The Tame Valley Wetlands area covers the River Tame and its floodplain, as well as the surrounding communities including Castle Vale, Coleshill, Kingsbury and Tamworth.

This event is an opportunity for local groups with an interest in access to the countryside, heritage or the environment, to network and share best practice.
Meet similar groups, share tips and ideas, and be inspired!
The Community Gathering will last from 10am to 3pm. It is free to attend and lunch will be provided. There will be a choice of exciting workshops, talks and networking sessions covering volunteer recruitment, funding opportunities, wildlife first aid, using citizen science in wildlife surveys, engaging local communities in local heritage, the benefits of the environment for people and more (a full programme will be available at time of booking). It will also be your chance to find out about the Tame Valley Wetlands Landscape Partnership and get involved: you will have a chance to suggest ideas and influence the future of the partnership & the valley!

If you would like to spread the word about your work, you’ll also have the opportunity to display leaflets and posters at our marketplace for all to see.
We will officially open bookings on 24th of February, but in the meantime, please save the date!

Feel free to share with others who might like to attend.
All the best,