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The pictures show:

  1. Speaker Dave Moylan producing streams of paper from his mouth in the conjuring display from his “How’s Yer Father” performance of old-style entertainments.
  2. Jane Hewitt presenting the 2016 monthly competitions cup to Coleshill WI President Elaine Partridge.



Coleshill WI January  meeting


At our January meeting, the speaker Dave Moylan gave a fascinating performance entitled “How’s yer father?” of old-fashioned entertainments including music hall, jokes, song-and -dance and conjuring as well as remembering many of the old greats such as Mike and Bernie Winters, Leslie Sarony, Al Read, Tommy Handley and Max Wall. His tap-dance in a pair of shoes with castanets attached brought the house down. With help from his glamorous assistant, member Mal Downes he cut up pieces of string, knotted them together and miraculously produced a long, unknotted length of string. He also swallowed handfuls of small scraps of paper then produced from his mouth yards of paper in a long, unbroken stream.


Muriel Townshend won the competition for a Christmas cracker joke:

Q: Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing

A: Because they drop their needles. (Boom-boom!)

In second place was Jane Mills with this rib-tickler:

Q: How do they vote at the North Pole?

A: Ice to the right, snows to the left.

Brenda Sheard was third with her joke:

Q: Why do the French eat snails?

A: Because they can’t bear fast food.


Jane Hewitt presented the cup for the most points won during the monthly competitions throughout 2016 to our President Elaine Partridge.


Each member chose which resolution to recommend for debate at the National AGM at Liverpool in June from a list that included: ways to alleviate loneliness among different age-groups, more awareness and action over Female Genital Mutilation, equal access to maternal mental health services for vulnerable women currently losing out in the postcode lottery of support services and action on keeping synthetic microplastic fibres from contaminating the oceans.


We welcomed two new members and are delighted that several previous visitors are considering joining. During social time, we played a game devised by Jane Mills, identifying the catchphrases of famous  comics, including:

“Turned out nice again” (George Formby),

“Can you hear me, mother?” (Sandy Powell)

and “All in the best possible taste!” (Kenny Everett.)


Members are invited to a “Craft Dabble Day” at Mancetter Village Hall on March 4th from 10am – 3pm, where they will get the chance to try their hand at a range of different crafts and skills.

Wishaw WI will host the Spring Group Meeting at Coleshill Town Hall on Thursday, March 9th when the speaker will be Mrs Victor Bruce who bills herself as “Housewife in the Air.” The competition will be for two spring photographs from each of the three WIs taking part, Wishaw, Coleshill and Curdworth.

Our next meeting on February 14th will feature a Balloon Debate staged by girls from Coleshill School. The competition is for a Valentine verse for a famous woman. Visitors welcome as always.


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