You can contact Coleshill Town Council through a number of different methods. Our offices are located at Coleshill Town Hall, High Street, Coleshill, B46 3BG and are open Monday to Friday 9AM-1PM. You can also call us during office hours on 01675 463 326. You can also get in touch with us by email on

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  • Derek Axe

    When can we see the 2018-19 meetings calendar on this site? The 2017-18 calendar is now complete.

  • Derek Axe

    Thank you. The 2018-19 Calendar is now on line.

  • Derek Axe

    The official TC web site is now being regularly up-dated. This is to be welcomed.

    It is on this page where residents expect to find out information about their TC.

    Thank you for this improvement.

  • wendy

    When will the majors photo be updated still showing as Tony Battle

    • Megan Davies

      Dear Wendy

      The Mayor’s information has now been updated.

      Megan Davies

  • Thomas D AXE

    How long is our Town council going to remain silent on the issue of NWBCs recent Green Belt development approvals in the Coleshill corridor?

    • Megan Davies


      I am assuming that you mean the recent planning applications for the Surf Park and the Wall of Answered Prayer? The Town Council was a consultee to these two applications and made its comments on each through the Borough Council’s consultation process. North Warks Borough Council has the actual authority to determine applications, taking account of its consultation responses. NWBC’s Planning Board has taken that authority and agreed both applications. As far as the Town Council is involved, its role is over.

  • Mark

    Where do we find the Zoom Link for Public to attend the Full Council meeting tomorrow 31st March 2021 please. Would it5 be a good idea to publish the Zoom links for all council meetings I am sure you may get more people taking interest ?

  • Margaret Jones

    I moved to Coleshill 12 months ago and l am dismayed how neglected and dirty the high street has become the seating by the entrance to the church needs refurbishment as does all the flower containers and around the area around where the elephant statue is as for the road it is a disgrace it needs resurfacing all the road markings have almost disappeared plus the traffic through Coleshill is horrendous drivers not using the by pass no doubt!! I would like to know when this improvements are likely to be looked at as l feel Coleshill is in dyer need!!

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