The winning bowls of bulbs in this month’s competition

At our February meeting we discussed our choice of resolution to be debated at the National Federation of WIs Annual Meeting at the Bournemouth International Centre on 4th-5th June. The six items included a call against the decline in local bus services, planting trees to improve the national landscape and  ‘Don’t fear the smear’, the need to make cervical smear tests less daunting to ensure that more women will have one. We handed in our votes for these resolutions and after a nationwide ballot, one or more will be chosen for debate at Bournemouth. We also discussed the Warwickshire WI County Federation meeting which is being held Monday, March 18th at the Dallas Burston Polo Club near Southam.

Warwickshire WI members will have the chance of a coach trip and day out in Winchester on July 29th. Last year’s visit to Lincoln proved an interesting and enjoyable day.

After the business of the meeting, we enjoyed a Games Evening including typically “intellectual” pursuits such as ‘Rabbits’, sitting in a circle with one member waggling both hands like rabbit ears while her neighbours either side waggled just the hand nearer the ‘rabbit’, until she suddenly pointed to someone else to become the rabbit instead. Anyone not waggling the correct ‘ears’ at once was eliminated amid great hilarity. We then played an entertaining drawing game with one member given a long strip of paper with the subject written at the top, for example ‘Giving a Dog a Bone’ . She then had to draw a picture representing the subject before folding over the paper and passing it onto the next person who had to write a description of what they thought the picture meant. The next woman then had to draw a picture to represent that description, before her neighbour in turn wrote a description of the new picture. By the time the paper had circulated a few more times, the latter pictures bore little resemblance to the original subject, like a pictorial Chinese Whispers


We have been invited to the Spring Group Meeting on March 21st hosted by Curdworth WI at their Village Hall when the speaker Lady Ann Foley will give a talk entitled ‘A Soldier’s Wife’.

Coleshill Country Market which was founded by our WI in April 1969 will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on Friday 26th of April at the Parish Room. Everyone is invited to tea, coffee and cake during the Market from 8 am to 11.30 am at the Parish Room, 132, High Street, Coleshill..


Our President Elaine Partridge won the competition for a bowl of home-grown bulbs with her trio of tall blue and white hyacinths. Christine Jones was second with her bowl of sweet-smelling pink spikes, with Jane Mills third.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, March 12th in the Town Hall, when our speaker Steve Allen will be taking a Musical Trip through the 1800s, The competition is for something your mother used to say. The competition for our April meeting is for a home-made Easter bunny and our speaker from Coleshill Civic Society will be telling ‘The Story of a Restoration’.

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome as always.

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