The Mayor Cllr. Tony Battle and the Town Clerk, Colin Greatorex, (at Coleshill Town Council) are working on a major event in 2019.  We hope to launch something that could become an annual event.

Friday 15 – Sunday 17 March 2019 will be a Coleshill Arts Weekend (film showing, talks, exhibitions, band concert, parlour show and support tourism events).  These will be mainly at the Coleshill Town Hall but also involving the CASPER sculpture site and other venues in the town. We are hoping that schools, uniformed organisations, arts groups and other entertainment venues (including Coleshill pubs and clubs) will want to get involved with events that weekend and in the week before, i.e. Monday 11 – Thursday 14 March, as well.

Please get in touch with the Town Clerk or the Mayor if you want to be a part of it in any way:

  • If you are involved in the arts world in some way you might want to add in some talks, exhibitions or tourism interest events?
  • If you are locally involved in other art performance and can showcase it, including schools and voluntary bodies?
  • If you run a venue, like a pub or club, that is planning some entertainment that week?
  • If you are a business owner and could be a backer in some way (covering the cost of publicity materials, postage or other costs)?
  • If you or someone you know has skills that could be volunteered (e.g. publicity, graphic design, venue preparation)?
  • If you are yourself or know of someone to act as a patron to the event? Or,
  • If you just want to be part of this weekend in some voluntary capacity?

We want to get in touch with as many interested parties as possible in the new year to plan out more detail.  If you are up for this, our office hours are 9-1 if you want to have a chat.

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