Calling All Town Centre Businesses

We would like to hear from you if your business is located within a North Warwickshire Market Town of either; Coleshill, Atherstone or Polesworth.

In light of the Covid -19 pandemic, and as talk of easing lockdown restrictions dominate the headlines, thoughts are naturally turning to the slow process of recovery.

Whilst we are mindful that the likely impact on the Borough will be significant, North Warwickshire Borough Council would like to check in with town centre partnerships, organisations and businesses to try and understand what the recovery period may look like, what challenges you will face, how you’re planning for this transition period and what support will be required.

We have therefore created a survey for businesses that are located within the town centres, which will help in a co-ordinated approach and understanding more about the recovery process.  The survey, along with some other useful information, can be found here on our website –  The survey will only take you a few minutes to complete, but will provide us with some extremely valuable information going forward.  We would therefore encourage you to complete the form and provide us with as much information as possible.  However, we do appreciate that you may be in the early stages of this thought process and may not have the answers to the questions asked, so please keep us updated as and when you can by contacting the Community Development Team –

Also, starting in June we will be working with Warwickshire County Council to create short promotional videos encouraging people to ‘buy and eat local’.  We will be looking for businesses to send in a short video, which can be filmed on their mobile phone camera.  These clips will then be stitched together to create films for both the town and the county.  We hope that these films will help to give our towns some added exposure and will reach audiences at both a local and county-wide level.  We hope to send a short sample film to you in the coming weeks.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the email address above.


Kind regards



Rachel Stephens

Community Development Officer (Rural Regeneration)


Vulnerable people If you have been identified as extremely vulnerable by the NHS, told to shield for 12 weeks and need help to get food, medicines or emotional support, ring 0800 408 1447. For opening hours and more information visit Coronavirus Help

Help and Support Find help from your local support group

Council Services For other council services please use our website,, where possible. If you need to call us, please be prepared to wait. We have reduced staff but we’ll help you as soon as we can – 01827 715341.


Photos of Coleshill’s Spirit

Town Spirit





Hello all,

I do hope this message finds you in high spirits & healthy,

I do love seeing all your photos that you’re adding on to the page, showing Coleshill at its best & the heart of a wonderful community,

So now when you’re out & about I’m asking you to take photos of what you believe captures the Spirit of Coleshill during this time, or maybe even when you’re in your gardens having your family time, what for you has gotten you through this lockdown?

I want to hopefully get a photobook together after all this is over so I would ask if you’re going to take photos & indeed want them included that you do let me know that I have your permission for the photos to be used,

But let’s see your photos, maybe it’s of people clapping on a Thursday night, maybe it’s of you dancing in your street, or even holding up signs of thanks & the rainbows, perhaps it’s the Volunteers you wish to have immortalised or even if you do the VE Day Stay At Home party, whatever you decide is the Spirit of Coleshill,

I’d love to get them put together & printed off in a book for people to see for remembrance of how Coleshill as a wonderful community got through this extraordinary difficult time to capture for future record.

Thanks for reading.


Kind Regards,

Cllr Adam Richardson


Mayor of Coleshill’s message

Protect the NHSHello,

We have all come through another difficult week, there continues to be very difficult and sad news with the number of cases and deaths rising. It can affect anyone; thankfully our Prime Minister is said to be stable, I wish him a speedy recovery. It is important to look after your mental as well as physical health, there is local and national support, if you need help please ask.

Its Thursday and again tonight we’ll come together in our communities to applaud. I love the fact that so many are joining in with this display of national pride and support for all key workers, you make us all proud.

This weekend we would be celebrating Easter, a time when we’d usually go on holiday or spend it out and about with friends and family, a religious time for some and I’m sure a few Easter egg hunts. However, with the nice weather we need to continue with the social distancing and self-isolating. The more we stick to the rules the quicker this will be over.

Again, I’d like to point out a few key messages:

• Stay home, unless it is completely essential that you leave your home, for medications or shopping,

• Keep to social distancing & isolation guidelines

• DO NOT go out in groups from different households, you need to keep your loved ones safe & well,

I implore once again the youth of Coleshill to adhere to the rules and ask parents to make sure they follow the guidance of social distancing. If you have a garden make use of it to get some fresh air safely. I know usually as a Council we’d encourage you to go out, however right now we’d like you to stay in and play online, you’re all tech savvy, what a great excuse! There are some great apps are out there to meet up on, Zoom or Houseparty to name a few, lets see some funny photos on it to cheer us all up and make us laugh,

This week we had a message from HRH Queen Elizabeth II that we’ll get through this and we will meet again, echoing in respect what Dame Vera Lynn once said “Don’t know where, don’t know when.”

Once again as I draw this message to a close I’d like to extend a massive thank you to the NHS staff, Angels of Coleshill, Retail Staff, Postal staff and Council employed workers, these are true heroes keeping our country running and helping others who are vulnerable or in need. Without you people might be left isolated and alone without anything so thank you. Please take this time to look out for your neighbors and those in your community.

There has been a lot of people talking about a celebration when we are through this and in my last message I said one would be held when it is safe to do so. We are still exploring what is possible and we’ll use either the Croft and/or the Memorial Park, with emphasis on the shops that will reopen on the High Street so we can support our local businesses. Get in touch if you have any ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
Please stay home, stay safe, protect the NHS, save lives and we’ll all meet again, let’s make sure we all can.

Adam Richardson, Mayor of Coleshill.

CLAW 2020 – The Show Goes On!

Kiriki Club - side 1Kiriki Club - side 2Woodlands School Exhibition - Years 7 and above
Around 40 people crammed into the Coach Hotel to watch Simon (The Voice) Davies last night!  Antoin, the licencee, is keen on more live shows.

Everything in the CLAW programme is still on today: business as usual.

The Country Market is on at the Parish Room, the Woodlands School art display (Year 7 and above) is in Fifield Hall with the wool market on and Brian Nicholson’s exhibition of his works continues in the Hudson Room at Town Hall.

Tonight, there are 30 tickets left for A Night at the Musicals at the Cameo Suite.  There are also 30 seats left for tomorrow night at the not to be missed Kiriki Club show at Town Hall.  Bookings via Town Hall, the Community Hub and the Library for Kiriki Club.

CLAW 2020 Booklet with Turning Pages

Today is the Busiest Day in the CLAW 2020 Programme


Simon Davies at the Coach Hotel

Poetry Please 2020 2Poetry Please 2020 1






Today is the busiest day in the CLAW 2020 programme. As well as the activity during the day in the schools and the Library, Art for Pleasure are meeting in the Mill Room at Community Centre, Brian Nicholson starts his exhibition in the Hudson Room of the Town Hall and there is a Fusion of Dance demo at the Old Courtroom, Town Hall.

Tonight, there is Simon (The Voice) Davies giving an acoustic set at the Coach Hotel and the Civic Society’s Coleshill Old and New talk at the Old Market Hall.

Something for everyone:

CLAW 2020 – Starting Monday 9th March!

It is the eve of CLAW 2020, starting Monday 9 March.
For those who do not see it, there has been good coverage of CLAW in the Coleshill Post Feb /March edition and, with the help of Sally Jones, the Press Release details have also gone to the Coleshill Echo (see attached pages of the March edition) and also the regional TV and radio, so listen out for details.
If you are in town, the Country Market is open today and is taking orders for Coleshill Pie – an Artisan special (both rabbit and chicken options but with historically available ingredients).  The full, family sized pies (see size in the picture) are £5 each and will be available for collection from the Country Market next Friday, 13 March.
Here again is the full programme of CLAW 2020 events:
happy return
bb taylor.jpg  stephen booth