HS2 Community and Environment Fund awards £75k to Coleshill Hub

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Good News Story! Coleshill Town Council is delighted to announce that it has been successful in its application to the HS2 Community and Environment Fund, and has been awarded £75,000 to move the Coleshill Community HUB to a downstairs position in the Town Hall, and develop its facilities and services.

The HS2 Community and Environment Fund supports local communities that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of Phase One of the brand new high speed railways which is being built between London and the West Midlands. The Fund is administered by community charity, Groundwork UK.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make the HUB accessible to everyone, and the monies are allocated to refurbish, renovate and redecorate three rooms and move this excellent community facility onto the ground floor, with its own entrance on Sumner Road.

The details of this bid include the appointment of a part-time Hub Co-ordinator post, on a two-year fixed contract, and the setting up of an HS2 Information Point. This will offer everyone up to date details and information on the impact and effects of the HS2 works in and around the Coleshill area.

The many community services that the Hub currently offers will continue, and will be expanded to deliver new and exciting opportunities for greater community inclusion, new groups and activities, support with both mental and physical health and wellbeing, reducing isolation and loneliness, and projects designed to build unity, togetherness and strong community relationships and cohesion.

The Town Council and the HUB are very keen to listen to the needs of their residents, visitors to the town, and local workers to offer services that improve and support people’s lives and enhance their environment and experiences.

Please come along and see the new HUB, once its refurbished and moved, have a look around, see what we offer, give us your suggestions and ideas, maybe even join the team and volunteer. The volunteering opportunity is a great experience, especially within our friendly and enthusiastic team, and it allows people to give, engage and support to the Community we all share.

For more information please call 01675 463326 or email; helen@coleshilltowncouncil.gov.uk

Project is on the map at https://www.groundwork.org.uk/Sites/hs2funds/pages/hs2-community-and-business-funds-project-map



Town Council elects a new Mayor of Coleshill

Mayor Adam Richardson close upColeshill Town Council held its Annual Council Meeting on 22 May. Some people describe the annual event as the “Mayor Making” as the civic chain and the responsibility to speak for the Town Council passed from Cllr. Tony Battle, who had performed the role for two years. The new mayor is Cllr. Adam Richardson.

Adam was first elected in 2015 and then re-elected on 2nd May this year, actually being “first past the post” of all candidates in North Coleshill. On this he says “Although I was elected as a Labour Party candidate, I think the town Council needs to operate in a non-Party political way. I will look forward to working with all those elected in May as we have a good mix of members, both new and experienced”.

Cllr. Richardson is 36 years of age but has lived in Coleshill since the age of five. His most recent work is running JVP Media in freelance media production, specialising in video editing. He has strong connections with the town as his great grandfather worked at Taylor’s Bakery in the High Street, opening and locking up and making pastries. His grandmother used to work for Lord Dugdale.

Since October 2018, Jak’s Tea Rooms has been in operation where Adam is one of the volunteers running the tea and cake sessions on the last Sunday of every month, for the community. Cllr. Richardson came up with the idea of an awards presentation for the town’s volunteers and this became the Coleshill Star Awards, run in 2016 and 2018.

Mayor Adam RichardsonThe 2019/20 Mayor of Coleshill has plenty of ideas for the year. He adds “It will be an exciting but busy year for the Council as we plan out the cemetery extension, the movement of the Community Hub downstairs and the internal improvements in that building and also at the Community Centre.”

Adam has a theme for the year of “Renewal”. He adds that “for me it’s about how we’ve come into this new season with both returning & brand new councillors. It is our first year of another 4 year cycle, best described as continuing in a new way, with the good work the previous Council did as well as the new efforts this Council will do”.

Charity causes are the Coventry & Warks. Air Ambulance Service as a regional cause and the Coleshill & Water Orton Memory Cafe as a local one. Fund raising events are likely to repeat the Ale Tasting this September and the Coleshill Local Arts Week (CLAW) in March 2020, since Cllr. Richardson was involved in the previous year’s events as Deputy Mayor. He hopes to include a Charity Band concert led by the Coleshill Town Band and a Musical Night during the year of office. Adam describes himself on Twitter as “little bit of a singer, little bit of a writer, little bit of a Town Councillor”, so it may well be an entertaining year!!

Colin Greatorex

Town Clerk

Christine Jones, 91, honoured as National Country Markets Movement celebrate its 100th Anniversary


Market Mum cut cu Market Conley Market Mum stands national AGM Market Mum cut wide Natl AGM


The WI have an update to the story on Christine Jones, 91 from Coleshill, who has been honoured at the National Country Markets AGM as the longest standing marketeer at the meeting and possibly in England and Wales. The pictures above show Christine cutting the National celebration cake with fellow-veteran marketeers Mike Rogers, 89 and Molly Ranger, 92, amid an array of county cakes baked by members of the different County Markets. The third picture shows Christine standing as the only market producer at the AGM to have served 50 years, many of them as Coleshill’s Market Manager and Treasurer. The fourth picture is of diet and exercise guru Rosemary Conley giving a lively speech on how to lose those bingo wings and her appearance in a microscopic pink skating dress in Dancing on Ice.


Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting is not a meeting of the Council but a meeting for all parishioners of Coleshill.  It is merely hosted by the Town Council.  This gives residents the opportunity, by law, to discuss all town affairs and pass resolutions about them.

Coleshill WI March meeting

At our March meeting our speaker Steve Allen took us on an entertaining “Musical Trip through the 1800s”. He described the major industries and different methods of transport that developed during that era, from weaving, mining and slate quarrying to canals and steam engines and illustrated his talk with atmospheric photographs. Members enjoyed an impromptu sing-song of numbers like ‘Fairlie’s Little Wonder’, ‘Dirty Old Town’, ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ and sea shanties such as ‘What shall we do with the drunken sailor.’, accompanied by Steve on his guitar. After refreshments, we played a hilarious game trying to translate phrases in Brummie and Black Country dialect into ‘proper’ English. Examples included:

‘Wim tekkin the whammel up tha cut’ (I’m taking the dog for a walk by the canal.)

‘He cud ate two taerters mower than a tunky pig.’ (He could eat two potatoes more than a greedy pig.)

‘We cor goo up tha bonk’ (We can’t go up the bank/ hill.)

Brenda Whyler won the competition for something your mother used to say with  ‘Put wood in t’hole – you weren’t born in a barn!’ (Translated as ‘Shut the door to stop the draught’.)

Second was Margot Hawkins with her mother’s sage advice ‘Make sure you have clean knickers on when you go out in case you’re run over by a bus’. Our President Elaine Partridge was third with her mum’s quirky injunction: ‘Don’t come running to me, if you fall over and break your leg!’.

Our former President Christine Jones, the only remaining founder member of  Coleshill Country Market reminded us about the 50th anniversary party for the Market which was founded by our WI in April 1969. Everyone is invited to tea, coffee and cake during the celebrations at 10.30am on Friday 26th April at the Market in the Parish Room, 132, High Street, Coleshill..

The competition for our next meeting on Tuesday April 9th is for a home-made Easter bunny and our speaker from Coleshill Civic Society will be telling ‘The Story of a Restoration’.

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome as always.