Coleshill Town Council thanks those who have responded to the suggested Arts Project for Rose Road /Station Road.

The overwhelming majority of respondents were not supportive and so the Councillors on the Working Group have decided it will not go ahead, as planned.

The £5,000 sum being granted by the Warwickshire County Council Towns Network team was for some feature or group of items that would create a point of interest for tourists or a facility that would encourage visitors.  Clearly, that is not going to be possible at this location, with the consultation feedback against creating a focal point there.

Some people have suggested other uses of the £5,000 fund.  The Councillors on the Working Group have been passed those ideas but the fund that was offered was for the specific purposes described above, so these might not be possible.  Also, the Town Council has limited powers over matters that are the remit of the Borough or County Council (e.g. traffic control or road conditions) or on land not in the public ownership.

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  • Mrs n mcgurk

    Would have liked to have seen this suggestion as a resident of coleshill

  • Mrs n mcgurk

    It would have been nice for residents of coleshill to have seen this proposal

  • David Eyles

    I did not receive any information on this project.
    Was the leaflet drop only for certain areas of the town?

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