Metal Detectors Cause Damage to Memorial Park Pitches

On Saturday 8th August, various patches of ground were dug up in the Memorial Park, causing pointless and dangerous damage to the Cricket Pitch and Football Pitches.  The vandalism has probably been caused by metal detectors digging for treasure.
metal detector damage
 The Mayor, Cllr Adam Richardson comments: –
“This is highly annoying.  We have had a number of requests in the past for legitimate metal detectors to search on various parts of the Town Council’s land, including the Memorial Park.  We already know, therefore, that there is no treasure to be found.  These amateur detectors are only causing inconvenience to football and cricket team users, costing residents their council tax to repair damage to the grass and it is all for no benefit.
We have reported the recent instances to the police and the CCTV images are being requested.  I would strongly urge the people concerned to stop this pointless, costly and inconsiderate activity”.