Coleshill WI November meeting

The photo shows the results of our previous spring bulb planting.

At our Annual Meeting in November, the second to be held at the new time of 2pm rather than in the evening, we had a good turnout and were pleased to welcome several visitors interested in joining the WI, including one who signed up as a member. Several gave us useful tips on how we could appeal to a wider cross-section of women from a variety of ages and backgrounds as we try to expand our membership.

During social time we enjoyed planting bowls of bulbs for spring flowering, with a range of varieties including fragrant jonquils, daffodils and hyacinths. All the bulb fibre and bulbs were supplied by the WI and everyone went home with a bowl of planted bulbs, looking forward to seeing the first buds peeping out in March next year.

Our longest-standing member Joy Hancock, who joined Coleshill WI in 1956 and was on the Committee for over 20 years, won the competition for ‘A Memory from Coleshill WI’ with her lively account of the highlights of her time there. These included victory in the Meriden Road Safety Quiz, learning handbell ringing and a variety of crafts, numerous celebration meals and entertainments plus taking part in the County ‘Olympics’, in which four of our members won gold medals for indoor games like Scrabble and darts. Christine Jones was second with the array of silver cups and trophies awarded to our members at Coleshill WI’s produce and handicraft shows, for cookery, gardening and crafts. According to the early records, many of these shows attracted over 100 entries in the different classes.

Jane Mills was third, remembering her origami demonstration of how to make a perky penguin from folded card.

Anyone interested in joining or finding out more about the WI is very welcome to come along to any of our regular monthly meetings at 2pm on the second Tuesday of each month at Coleshill Town Hall and there are many different social events and activities to try as well as the camaraderie and interest of being part of a vibrant local group. Members have the chance to learn a variety of skills from handcrafts, local history and public speaking to different styles of cookery, singing and literary appreciation through courses at the WI’s own residential training centre, Denman College in Oxfordshire. We also enjoy monthly lunches at different pubs in the area, Scrabble sessions each month and darts and other traditional games every Monday afternoon, all organised at members’ homes.

For more details contact our President Elaine Partridge on 01675-462621 or Secretary Jane Hewitt 01675-430157