Coleshill WI June meeting

At our June meeting Warwick Hospital cardiologist Dr Roger Beadle, of Spa Healthcare, gave an interesting presentation on Heart Health. He described some of the main diseases affecting the heart valves and muscles and symptoms including arrhythmia, palpitations and swollen ankles and also explained how conditions like diabetes and thyroid problems affect the heart and how to identify potential risk factors.

Dr Beadle emphasised that prevention is key to keeping heart disease at bay, strongly recommending his patients to give up smoking, take regular aerobic exercise and do several sessions of resistance training, stretching, flexibility and balance control each week. He stressed the importance of keeping a healthy weight, trying to get a good night’s sleep and eating five portions of fruit or vegetables a day.

Although the body needs some fat within the diet to keep the cell walls strong, he recommended that everyone should limit their intake of meat and dairy products because the cholesterol these lay down in the a rtery walls can lead to heart disease and strokes.

Our President Elaine Partridge read out the report from our representative at the WI Annual Meeting in Bournemouth which passed the two national resolutions. The first called on the Government and local authorities to improve rural bus services which have woefully declined over the last few years, preventing many people in isolated areas getting easy access to medical facilities, workplaces, shopping areas and entertainment. The National Federation asked for an increase in subsidies and partnership arrangements with bus companies and community transport operators to provide adequate services. The second resolution ‘Don’t Fear the Smear’, emphasised the importance of smear testing in catching cervical cancer early and saving lives of women of all ages.

In the competition for a book review of under 150 words, Jane Mills was first with her lively account of the award-winning children’s novel “Ways to Live Forever” by Sally Nicholls who wrote it in 2008 aged only 23. This charts the life of 11 year old Sam McQueen who has terminal leukaemia and shares the story of his life, his family and his illness, in diary form. He knows he’s going to die and that he has at most a year to live but he makes light of it and the diary is often unexpectedly humorous and offbeat.

Christine Jones was second with her review of the comic 1920s cult novel “Miss Mapp” by EF Benson. This tells the story of the scheming, rivalries and twitching net curtains of genteel small-town life in Tilling based on Benson’s own experience of living in Rye. Miss Mapp observes her neighbours comings and goings with her opera glasses from the bow window of her delightful period house and when she meets her dashing neighbour Major Flint, she is intrigued and hopeful that she might still be in with a chance of matrimony.

During social time we played standing bingo amid great hilarity: instead of filling in a card with a cross, everyone stood up until one of the numbers on their bingo card was called at which point they sat down. Last woman standing was the winner and the proud recipient of a small bar of chocolate.

At our next meeting on Tuesday July 9th, we shall be making colourful suncatchers as part of a demonstration from Beadelicious Beads. The competition is for a vase of herbs and/or edible flowers.

Coleshill WI bead-making                        Coleshill WI bead unicorn bracelet

  1. Making bead jewellery with Beadelicious Beads – this will be the activity at the July Coleshill WI meeting
  2. A unicorn bead bracelet – a typical bracelet threaded during the jewellery-making session.

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month in Coleshill Town Hall at 7.30pm. Visitors are always welcome and we have a lively and varied programme of talks, activities, quizzes and social events as well as regular get-togethers to play traditional games, enjoy Scrabble afternoons and pub lunches  – please come along and give it a try.

For more details ring Jane on 01675-430157 or Elaine on 01675-462621.

HS2 Community and Environment Fund awards £75k to Coleshill Hub

hub                     HS2


Good News Story! Coleshill Town Council is delighted to announce that it has been successful in its application to the HS2 Community and Environment Fund, and has been awarded £75,000 to move the Coleshill Community HUB to a downstairs position in the Town Hall, and develop its facilities and services.

The HS2 Community and Environment Fund supports local communities that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of Phase One of the brand new high speed railways which is being built between London and the West Midlands. The Fund is administered by community charity, Groundwork UK.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make the HUB accessible to everyone, and the monies are allocated to refurbish, renovate and redecorate three rooms and move this excellent community facility onto the ground floor, with its own entrance on Sumner Road.

The details of this bid include the appointment of a part-time Hub Co-ordinator post, on a two-year fixed contract, and the setting up of an HS2 Information Point. This will offer everyone up to date details and information on the impact and effects of the HS2 works in and around the Coleshill area.

The many community services that the Hub currently offers will continue, and will be expanded to deliver new and exciting opportunities for greater community inclusion, new groups and activities, support with both mental and physical health and wellbeing, reducing isolation and loneliness, and projects designed to build unity, togetherness and strong community relationships and cohesion.

The Town Council and the HUB are very keen to listen to the needs of their residents, visitors to the town, and local workers to offer services that improve and support people’s lives and enhance their environment and experiences.

Please come along and see the new HUB, once its refurbished and moved, have a look around, see what we offer, give us your suggestions and ideas, maybe even join the team and volunteer. The volunteering opportunity is a great experience, especially within our friendly and enthusiastic team, and it allows people to give, engage and support to the Community we all share.

For more information please call 01675 463326 or email;

Project is on the map at