Coleshill WI January 2019 Meeting


1. The silver bird which Steven Bruce brought to show us


2. Some of the curios he appraised during the Roadshow.

At our January meeting we enjoyed a version of the ever-popular ‘Antiques Roadshow’ when auctioneer Steven Bruce showed us examples of affordable items worth collecting, including  1950s Dinky Toys in their original boxes, sets of valuable Maundy coins in their leather bags, presented by the monarch and a silver bird worth £600.

He revealed that among the most collectable items are out-of-date banknotes, especially sets in consecutive order, pillboxes with their inscriptions and postcards still with the address, stamp and clear postmark. If an item is in good, unworn condition, he said, it can boost its value considerably. He also recommended checking in chests of drawers and down the backs of sofas in case old coins and notes have been mislaid there and might be worth far more than their face value. Mr Bruce stressed the importance of making a will and stipulating exactly how particular possessions should be distributed, to avoid potentially costly disputes among heirs.

After refreshments we had a Cryptic Quiz on the theme of Shakespeare Plays and heard about the WI County Federation Meeting which will be held at the Dallas Burston Polo Ground near Southam on March 18th, bringing the Warwickshire WI’s Centenary Year to a close in style. Among the speakers will be TV naturalist and conservationist Simon King, Vintage Singer Cathy Morris and the popular ‘Cake Lady’ Kath Ryan  from Hall Green – who has been baking treats for injured war heroes being treated in Birmingham for 10 years.


At our next meeting on Tuesday, February 12th we are holding a Games Evening and the competition will be for a bowl of home-grown bulbs so members are reminded to look out their planted bowls. Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome as always.