High Street Improvement Fund

The Council had budgeted for the 2018/19 financial year a 5-figure sum capital project described as a High Street Improvement Fund, with the presented report outlining a list of potential interested parties that might be consulted including:

  • Love Coleshill
  • Individual retailers
  • North Warwickshire Borough and Warwickshire County Councils officers involved in development
  • Local regeneration or development companies

Using the planned redevelopment of Great Yarmouth as an example, it was proposed that the Town Clerk and staff meet with the above individuals and organisations and added that other authorities that have undertaken significant regeneration of their shopping areas should also be consulted such as Solihull and Knowle.

The Chairman’s Group, felt that it would be advantageous to consult with potential interested parties in advance, and suggested that the funding might be used in a number of ways, affecting better mix of retailers, greater occupation of premises, improved car parking ease and liaison with business owners. All developments would need to be consistent with the town’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Could any interested parties, wishing to be a part of the consultation exercise; to influence the planned expenditure and the approaches to be made, contact helen@coleshilltowncouncil.gov.uk


The Mayor’s competition has been judged with £50 now having been allocated to the winners. All of the contributions and ideas have been considered and the final decision is that the main theme for the statue will be around the theme of the Stagecoach and Highwayman. The working group is now evolving into a ‘delivery’ group!; with additions being, Megan Davies of Coleshill Town Council, Brian Nicholson who will be giving artistic assistance, and Chris Leeson of Love Coleshill.

We are keen for the presence of other expertise within the group, to ensure that we deliver a statue befitting of our town and community. Anyone with experience, such as in fundraising, art/sculpture and legal matters will be a great addition to the CASPER Delivery Group. Please message if you are interested.