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Coleshill’s Neighbourhood Plan is on the home stretch after clearing the last but one hurdle before becoming part of the town’s planning regime.

 Some of you responded to a questionnaire and other consultation exercises seeking your views on the future look of the town.  They were taken into account in preparing the draft Plan. The NP Steering Group spent a lot of time and care in compiling and editing the draft.

 But now North Warwickshire Borough Council has signed it off, and an independent planning inspector has examined and cleared it, which ensures that it can now become part of the town’s planning regime – if you want it to be.

 We want your help again by voting for the Plan on Thursday 4 May, when you vote for town and county councillors.

 In a separate vote – officially, the Neighbourhood Plan referendum – you will be asked: Do you want North Warwickshire Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Coleshill to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area?

This is the first time that people have been able to vote in a local referendum and it will be conducted in accordance with exactly the same procedures used at local government elections.

 It’s an additional, mandatory filter for future planning applications considered by NWBC for the Town and Parish of Coleshill and – although subject to review – will remain in place until 2030.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group chairman Bill Richards said: “The Neighbourhood Plan has been constructed from the feedback received from Coleshill residents it has already been though several local consultation procedures.

 “It complies with the North Warwickshire Local Plan – but looks at local planning issues in much more detail.

“You like living in Coleshill.  You want it to retain the characteristics of a Market Town in the Green Belt.  You want to achieve this by preserving architectural features in the town and by monitoring the type of development being considered.

 “Our Neighbourhood Plan will enable the Town Council to register their opinions more effectively on future planning applications – and will help protect our rural boundaries.

 “The Plan reflects your opinions about planning development in our parish.

 “It’s called ‘localism’ and, although it has to fit in with the regulations set out with regard to National and Local Planning, it promotes a more detailed and considered appraisal.

 “The Coleshill Steering Group strongly recommends that you vote to adopt the Plan.”

If you would like further information or to view Coleshill’s Neighbourhood Plan online please visit:

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