Coleshill Summer of Sport

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COME ON KIDS, JOIN IN THE COLESHILL SUMMER OF SPORT 2018, you can even make your parents sweat on the Family Fun Days on the last Saturdays of May, June and July.  Last year we had mums and dads playing “bubble football” and their children pushing them over, instead of tackling them, but the Sports Leaders were very good at turning the odd blind eye!! It was hilarious!

So, come on and sign up for the Saturday Sports Clubs on the Memorial Park, every week until the school holidays start, from 11.00 am until 1.00 pm, for extreme frisbee, rounders, football, tennis, games, archery etc and IT’S FREE.

Yes, FREE, Coleshill Town Council have secured monies from Sport England to help get residents and families fit and active. Its summer time, the weather is improving, so come along and join in and get some fresh air and exercise. The Sports Leaders are great fun, fully trained, keen and enthusiastic.

In the school holidays we are also running a Summer Holiday Club, which will be held at the Community Centre, off Station Road/Temple Way, and on the adjoining field next to the Centre. Run by Elite Sports UK offering multi-sports, games, arts, crafts, table tennis and lots more. Sign up online for half a day or a full day and get a friend to go as well and have some fun!

Book now via

For mums and toddlers (18 months to 4 years) we have also enlisted Alison from Relax Kids to run some “Little Stars” sessions in the Old Court Room at Coleshill Town Hall, every Tuesday morning (until the school holidays begin) from 9.30 am to 11.00 am, to promote movement, flexibility, self-esteem and help with strength, sleeping issues and even toddler tantrums! Again – it’s FREE, contact Alison on 07736835177 and come and make new friends, share a cuppa and let the little ones have some fun and age-appropriate exercise. It’s a win – win for all.

This is a great facility for all age groups for local toddlers, children, parents and families to enjoy, FREE, LOCAL AND FUN. We want to build on the summer programme that we launched last year and make this even more successful, so that its easier to gain funding for next year to make this facility more exciting and even bigger. BUT, we can only do this if YOU the families of Coleshill, so SIGN UP, JOIN UP, COME ALONG and ATTEND. I’ll repeat myself, at the risk of being rude, DO IT PLEASE, IT’S FREE and available to all, there’s only you stopping you from joining in, so don’t, just get out in the sun and have some fun.

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Coleshill Town Mayor visits Woodlands School to present his fundraising cheque


It was with great delight that Councillor Tony Battle visited the Woodlands School on Friday 18th May to present his cheque for the mayoral funds he’d raised during his year as Mayor of Coleshill Town Council.

The exciting news is that Cllr. Battle has also been re-elected as Mayor of Coleshill for a second term and is presently deciding which charity, or charities to support for his 2018-2019 term.

The visit to Woodlands added to the pupil’s excitement as they were spending the day celebrating and learning about the Royal Wedding, which happened on Saturday 19th. Many of the pupils and staff were dressed in red, white and blue, there were union flags up in and around the school and the Mayor was asked to join in the Wedding Quiz by using an interactive iPad. Unfortunately, he didn’t win, as some pupils knowledge of the royal family was really excellent, and thus exceeded the Mayors!

During the assembly the Mayor presented the Deputy Head Claire Cookson with a cheque for £2300, which has been specifically ear marked for a new and bigger bubble tube for the school Sensory Room and also an interactive area too, to enhance the pupils experience and enjoyment in this special facility.

The Mayor was very touched to be presented with a super silver dish engraved with the school’s thanks for dedicating his fundraising work to the benefit of this exceptional school.


The visit also incorporated a tour of the school, which the children loved as it gave many of them chance to meet Cllr. Battle and tell him all about their royal celebrations. The deputy head was keen to show off the items being produced on the school’s ‘Lazer Blazer’ cutter which can cut and engrave on any base material and is currently being used to produce items to be sold at the monthly Community Café & Honesty Shop, held at the Town Hall.

The pupils now have their own pop-up shop at this monthly café and shop to sell the items they make with the Lazer Blazer and also some furniture items that they restore and upcycle.  This gives the pupils great experience not only in school learning these practical skills but in running their stall and interacting within the community and serving customers.  This opportunity is soon to be expanded to support some pupils working in the kitchen to help prepare drinks and light refreshments for visitors, thus all working together in partnership with the volunteers who offer their time to run the shop and café.

It is wonderful that the Town Council and Woodlands School are working together in this way and local Father Hudson’s residents are now planning to join in soon and also have their own pop up stall to sell some of the items they make at their Day Centre, like soap and  bath bombs thus raising awareness of their services and integrating their members into a more active role within the Coleshill Community.  It is wonderful to bring all different aspects and skills and groups within this wonderful community of ours together, to build strong bonds between all partners and work in collaboration with all residents and people thus creating unity, acceptance and support for all.

Coleshill WI May Meeting


At our May meeting we discussed this year’s National Federation of WIs’ Resolution, “Mental Health Matters”. Our delegate Alison Wilks who will be voting on our behalf at the annual meeting at Cardiff in June outlined the moves to establish parity between mental and physical health and to make it as acceptable to talk about mental illness as about physical. She described the wide range of mental conditions which currently affect around 1 in 6 of the population, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, schizophrenia, compulsive behaviour, bi-polar syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One central element of the resolution is to lobby government for better support for mental illness and our members agreed whole-heartedly, several describing how family members had suffered from psychological disorders which had often taken months or years to treat successfully. Our members voted unanimously for the resolution.

The committee members organised a variety of (Ahem!) ‘intellectual’ party games and pub activities as our Social Time entertainment, including swinging skittles, bagatelle, shove ha’penny, dice games, sucking peas up with a straw,carefully guiding a silver ball down a pair of rods into a numbered container and flicking cards into a wastepaper basket from a distance. The record score for this was 37 out of 52. After the serious discussions over the national resolution, members enjoyed letting their hair down, with everyone on the move and having a laugh.

Three members entered our monthly competition for a Poem for May Day and each recited her verses while the audience were asked to vote for their favourite. All three were so good and in such varied styles that it proved impossible to separate them so they were awarded joint first prize.


May Day – by Beverley Fathers.


With days becoming longer, the setting sun delays

The arrival of our nightfall, All hail the month of May

With warmer days enjoyed by all who venture out

And merging of the seasons, for Spring is all about.
Hear excited calls of children as thy gather all around

Their brightly coloured ribbons laid out upon the ground.

A whistle sounds and right on cue around the pole they dance and play,

With joyous, noisy merriment to greet the First of May


Poem for May Day – by Sally Smith


May Day is here

Flowers and buds bursting through in the Garden

Let’s dance to celebrate the month of May.

Set up the Maypole

Bright ribbons flowing free,

Dance and weave through the ribbons,

Celebrate the month of May.

Hooray Hooray!

Crown the Queen of the May,

Coronet of flowers adorn her head,

May Day, time to celebrate new beginnings.


May Day – by Darrilyn Downes


May Day is a special day,

When children love to sing and play.

They dance around the Maypole bright,

Their little faces filled with delight.

The daffodils are out in bloom,

Their bright colours fill any room.

This May Day comes but once a year

And is greeted with a happy cheer.


Members were encouraged to vote on prospective speakers for next year and to contribute ideas for thought-provoking talks, entertainments and demonstrations.

This year is the Centenary of the Warwickshire WI Federation this year and one of the events planned for this is a day-trip to Lincoln, organised by Johnson’s Coaches, on July 30th for any WI member in the county. Coaches for this area’s members will be going from Coleshill School which is offering free parking.

At our next meeting on June 12th at 7.30pm the speaker will be talking about the Middleton Lakes Nature Reserve and the competition is for a Posy from your Garden.

Visitors welcome as always – just turn up and join us.IMG_1588

Keeping Fit at 90!!

Keep Fit attendees including Dora Colloby (Front Row, 3rd from right) and instructor Dot James (Front Row, 2nd from right)

Keep Fit attendees including Dora Colloby (Front Row, 3rd from right) and instructor Dot James (Front Row, 2nd from right)

The Keep Fit group at Coleshill Town Hall appears to be producing the secret of eternal youth, as Dora Colloby celebrates her 90th Birthday today!

Keeping mobile and active has certainly helped Dora to reach this tremendous milestone; as has the company of good friends.

Dot James, the groups instructor, is proud of the group she runs which keeps good numbers. The majority of her members are 80+ and this lovely informal keep fit class goes from strength to strength. Members are encouraged to go at their own pace and exercises are modified for those with limited mobility. One of her attendees had very limited mobility when she began classes but is now able to walk herself to fetch a cup of tea at break time, these are the results that matter.

If you or someone you know would like to come along to this friendly group classes run on Wednesday Morning 10am-12noon in The Old Court Room.

New security measures for Memorial Park

Town Council to install new bollards to protect Memorial Park

Coleshill Town Council is to install two new retractable bollards in a bid to stop unwanted vechicles accessing the car park.

Using urgent business powers, Chairman of the Community and Environment Committee, Cllr Adam Farrell has authorised the spend after local Councillors and residents raised their fears that nearby incidents of travellers occupying land, might spread intoColeshill.

Cllr Adam Farrell said;

“The Town Council takes its responsibility to protect public land seriously. In 2016 we installed a number of measures to protect the grassed areas of the Memorial Park.

“We took action then and now we are taking action again, because Coleshill is not an easy target and will do all we can to protect our land from damage and vandalism.

“These new bollards will mean the Council can reduce the space available to enter the car park, preventing anything larger than a car entering the park.

“It is not sensible to use a gate to close the car park off. It means legitimate users of the park are penalised for something that hasn’t even happened. It also costs the council money in overtime as staff have to work beyond their normal hours to closethe gate late at night. We can’t close the gates all summer but we can raise the bollards as and when required, whilst still ensuring residents and sports groups can access the park as normal.

“All Town Councillors understand the concerns of residents and we hope this measure provides a sensible and practical way of providing long term additional protection for this fantastic facility.”

The work to install the bollards will take place in the next couple of weeks and the Town Council asks residents to be mindful of their existence when using the Memorial Park Car Park.




The Town Council is aware that there are travellers located at Water Orton and Castle Bromwich and that some of these vehicles are on the move today.

Since the Improvements to Memorial Park project, we have a combination of tennis courts, bollards and barriers keeping vehicle movement to within the car park and away from the grassed areas. The cricket pitch is completely sealed off by barriers, trees and bollards.  The outdoors staff have checked that the barrier near the leisure centre is locked and secure and I have inspected that all the other barriers are in good working order so the football pitches cannot be accessed by vehicles from any direction.

During today, we have, with councillor agreement, not closed the Park Road main entrance barrier.  What we have done is to park a council van in the entrance such that only a small vehicle can pass alongside (i.e. no caravans, motorhomes very easily).  We will await the closure of the nursery and the end of cricket practice this evening before the Park Road barrier can stay closed overnight.

We have a cricket matches this weekend on Saturday and Sunday and will liaise with users to have the barrier opened by day and closed at night.

With the movement of cricketers, footballers, nursery parents and shoppers, there are often more cars in the car park anyway now, making it less easy and attractive to manoeuvre and park caravans, etc.  The additional security measures restrict movement to only within the car park.

While we take the traveller threat seriously, there is also a need to look after the growing number of legitimate users of the Memorial Park, which is why we are acting with the measures described.

Yours sincerely

Colin Greatorex

Town Clerk, Coleshill Town Council